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Welcome to Guitar Lessons Atlanta! Our facility has been serving the Atlanta community for years with the best local guitar teachers in the area.

You may have questions in mind that you need answered. Questions like, is there a good guitar teacher in Atlanta Ga, are there any guitar teachers near me, are there facilities that teach guitar lessons near me? We have an answer to all of those questions and more!

If you or someone you know are looking for guitar lessons, we have the experience and knowledge for any type of guitar or style you wish to learn. Your local Atlanta guitar teacher is sure to have the experience you need to become confident in your playing!

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About Us

About Us

Guitar Lessons Atlanta promises to deliver the best customer service and knowledge in the area. For years we have instructed each one of our students on the same basic principles and we wish to share those principles and knowledge with you as well.

When you learn to play the guitar, not only are you learning how to learn and master guitar, but you are learning other valuable qualities as well. You are picking up the qualities and traits that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

These basic principles are:

  • Independence
  • Responsibility
  • Creativity

When you begin your Atlanta guitar lessons you will soon learn that independence is a quality you must quickly discover within yourself. Unfortunately, we only have an average of thirty minutes with each student each week. So the majority of learning must be done on your own. This comes with practice. Each student must have the independence and responsibility to practice on their own, and make that wonderful progress on their own.

Creativity is very important when it comes to music, and also in life. When you learn to play the guitar creativity develops all on its own. This is a quality you can choose to strengthen over time. As you learn songs you will soon hear the music in an entirely different way. You will begin writing your own solos and riffs to songs that you have listened to for years!

Here at Guitar Lessons Atlanta, we love sharing our passion for music and knowledge with you. We love teaching new students from the very beginner level and help push them through to advanced lessons.

Why Choose Us?

The experience and passion our teachers bring to each and every lesson are very important. When you set out to find a guitar teacher, you will obviously want to make sure you are getting the most for your money.

Your guitar teacher is guaranteed to not only have experience with their instrument. They come with knowledge about various music genres and current technology that is important to the instrument as well.

Playing along with your favorite music genres is important because we believe it helps inspire and push you to be more like your favorite guitar player. If you have no interest in the music, you will have little to no interest in learning the song.

Current technology related to the instrument is important as well. Your guitar teacher can help you to discover other various aspects of the instrument as well. Such as tone, what kind of amp to look for, what kinds of pedals to look for, and even what accessories you may need for your guitar.

Simply put, with our instructors combined experience we can offer it all!

If you choose us as your facility for all of your guitar lesson needs, then you have already set yourself on the right path to success. How can we be so sure? Our customer testimonials say it all!

Our students love showing up each and every week to their lessons, why? Because it's fun! They have an obvious desire to learn more and perfect themselves when it comes to playing their instrument.

Our passion is not only for music but watching our students thrive. Thrive in an environment where they can be open to trying new techniques and learn new subjects with absolutely no fear of judgment.

So please call us today or stop by to sign up for your first lesson. We’ll show you why we offer the best guitar lessons in the entire Atlanta area.

What To Expect?

When you show up to your guitar lessons each week you can expect the same amazing teaching and enthusiasm. We want you to trust that you are receiving accurate and relative information and the same customer service you have come to depend on.

When you show up on your first lesson, we will review some basics regarding items you will learn over the course of your lessons. Lessons such as music theory, scales, how to play guitar chords, strumming techniques, and more!

We will review your lessons notebook and cover expectations from you as the student. Such as showing up on time and prepared to learn each week. What equipment you should bring with you.

We will then ask questions to get to know more about you! What music do you like to listen to? What are some songs you want to learn how to play? Do you have any guitar playing experience? Can you play any other instruments? Do you have any musical training of any sort?

After that is when the work begins! We will set a day and time to meet each week and let the learning commence! It will be up to you to thrive in your learning at home and practice the material we covered during that week’s lesson.



Guitar Lessons Atlanta offers much more than basic guitar lessons. Our lessons vary depending on age, experience, and what guitar you wish to learn. Please take a moment to review all the services we have to offer and make sure you are choosing the rest lessons package to fit your individual needs!

beginner guitar lessons atlanta

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

If you are someone who has never learned an instrument in their entire life, don’t worry. That’s what our teachers are here for! Our guitar lessons for beginners start with the absolute basics and move up to advanced lessons from there.

You will learn the basics to make sure you have a good strong foundation in your musical knowledge. You will learn things like music theory, scales, modes, strumming techniques, keys, tunings, and much more!

kids guitar lessons atlanta

Guitar Lessons for Kids

Learning and instrument is proven to have wonderful mental benefits. Not just for adults but children as well. Starting at an early age can promote healthy memory function and coordination. Of course, it can also instill wonderful habits and traits into your child’s mind at a very early age that they can take with them for life.

Your child’s local Atlanta guitar teacher is guaranteed to make the material not only relatable to a young mind. But they make it fun as well! What’s better for a child than learning while having fun!

atlanta bass guitar lessons

Bass Guitar Lessons

The bass guitar is like an electric guitar. However, it has four strings instead of six and plays at a much lower range. Our bass guitar lessons range from scales, music theory, and different strumming techniques.

If rhythm and rocking out to the beat of a song sounds like you, then maybe the bass guitar is the way to go!

atlanta electric guitar lessons

Electric Guitar Lessons

Without a doubt, you have seen a guitar player shred the iconic electric guitar. With its versatility from jazz music, to heavy-hitting metal riffs, this instrument is guaranteed to interest you.

Our electric guitar lessons will teach you music theory, chords, scales, and more! But will also include knowledge over time such as tone, equipment, and useful accessories.

atlanta acoustic guitar lessons

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

The acoustic guitar is another versatile instrument you can take with you wherever you go. With the ability to play in front of audiences from center stage to a campout in your backyard, this guitar is sure to be a fun choice.

Our acoustic lessons range from topics such as chords, scales, to strumming and fingerpicking techniques.

atlanta classical guitar lessons

Classical Guitar Lessons

Classical guitar can sound incredibly complicated and intimidating. But don’t let that deter you from our lessons.

Our classical guitar lessons will teach you not only the guitar basics you need to succeed but the advanced playing techniques that you need to confidently and skillfully learn these wonderful guitar songs!

atlanta guitar lessons for adults

Guitar lessons for adults

Are you someone who has dreamed of playing guitar for years but never had the chance or drive to move forward? Perhaps you have played guitar periodically throughout your life but never pushed yourself to improve? Well if that’s you then our guitar lessons for adults or you!

The age ranges from teenagers and up. We teach from the very basics as an absolute beginner or more advanced lessons if necessary. So if you’re an adult that wants to learn how to play guitar then our lessons are for you!

Service Area

About Atlanta

Atlanta is the capital of the state of Georgia. It has a population of 5,803,000. Atlanta is known for its aquarium which is the largest in the world. It is also home to the National Center for Human and Civil Rights.

Surrounding cities include:

  • Norcross
  • Clarkston
  • Lilburn
  • Tucker
  • Stone Mountain
  • Avondale Estates
  • Scottdale
  • Pine Lake
  • And so many surrounding areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are guitar lessons?

This really depends on the lessons you choose so we cannot give you a straight answer until you come in for your first lesson. Our lessons are either a half-hour in length or an hour in length. If you need some more time with your guitar teacher that’s great news! There is just an additional fee.

Will I need to change my guitar strings?

Guitar strings wear down over time, break, or start to not sound as good. So yes you will need to change them. How often depends on the player. There are a couple of factors. One is how often you play. A player that plays their guitar a lot or changes tuning frequently will need to change their strings more often than a player that does not. Second, it depends on how you care for your strings. For example, if you play your guitar with dirty hands or do not clean them on occasion this will wear them out faster.

When I change my strings is there anything I should know?

There are some tools you may want to have on hand before you change your strings. One tool is called a peg-winder. They are very inexpensive and allows you to turn your tuning pegs at a much faster pace. You will also want wire cutters so you can clip the ends of excess string at the end of changing your strings.

Also, make sure you loosen your strings before cutting them. Never cut your strings while they are fully in tune. When you put in your new strings make sure to leave a little slack so they have room to turn around the pegs as you are bringing your strings to the proper pitch. Don’t worry changing strings doesn’t have to be scary. It comes with practice like all aspects of learning guitar.

What is palm muting?

Palm muting is a strumming technique guitar players use while playing. It is done by resting your right hand over the strings by the bridge while strumming. This is a great way to add some flavor to your songs and very common among others you may wish to learn. Don’t worry this will all be covered in your lessons.

Is there any way to improve my rhythm?

Yes, there are several ways to improve your rhythm. We advise purchasing a metronome or even better a drum machine. Playing along with songs and learning to keep timing with the song as it is playing is also a great way to improve your rhythm.

Customer Testimonials


My dad signed me up a few years ago for guitar lessons because he said I was good at singing, so I should learn an instrument. I was very hesitant to learn an instrument especially the guitar. One thing I can say is I wish I had started sooner! My guitar teacher made me fall in love with the guitar so fast and now I’m even writing my own songs and have performed in a coffee shop. Thank you so much for getting me so excited about my instrument!

Jessie C.


I have played in a country band for years and thought I was a great guitar player. Turns out I had so much more to learn. Thanks to my guitar lessons and Guitar Lessons Atlanta I have been able to write guitar solos and riffs on stage at times! I had no idea what I was missing.

Phillip T.


I started guitar lessons when I was 7 years old and have now been learning guitar for 9 years. Learning to play guitar has been wonderful for me in so many ways. I play in a band and have made so many friends. It is my go-to when I am sad or happy! It’s like a diary I can pour all of my feelings into. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Guitar Lessons Atlanta thank you for sticking with me all of these years guys you are the best!

Josie E.

If you are looking for a real positive change in your life, learning an instrument is the way to go! When you sign up for Guitar Lessons Atlanta you are not only on the road to musical success but on the road to learning virtues and traits that anyone would find useful.

Please don’t wait, call us today or sign up for your first lesson. One of our instructors are here waiting for you to get you going.

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